Inspection Services

The integrity of your fireplace or chimney is essential for all homes and businesses. If there might be anything off about the foundation or even the chimney itself, it could cause hefty damage to your home or office. At Metro Chimney & Masonry, we offer professional inspection services for all chimneys, fireplaces, retaining walls, monuments, and much more. Our team’s biggest concern is your safety, which is why our team will always provide a free estimate for all of our inspection services.

When our team evaluates your chimney’s interior and exterior and will provide a full report of all of our findings. We will then discuss the best plan of action for all repairs and restorations where our team will complete promptly. Our team will also offer the best material options to match your sense of style and fit your budget. To speak with our team or to schedule your free estimate, call us today at



Creosote Build-Up

Creosote buildup can cause fires if not found first with a chimney inspection. That fire can damage the chimney, surrounding masonry, and the house’s underlying structure or enter the home or office interior.


Obstructions invite harmful vapors indoors. The backed-up smoke and vapors in the chimney can then enter the home, potentially exposing you to carbon monoxide gas—which is invisible, odorless, and lethal. The obstructions can also act as kindling, potentially sparking a fire if they come into contact with loose embers.

Internal Damage

Appropriate repair or replacement of damaged chimney elements can minimize the risk of fires, carbon monoxide exposure, and water damage. Sadly, many vital parts of the chimney are hidden or too high for homeowners’ inspection.

I Don’t Know When I Last Had An Inspection.

Whether your buying a new home or have been a long-term homeowner in the same residence, you may be well overdue for an inspection. It’s essential to schedule a sweep and scan before you burn. This gives you a current benchmark on the health of your chimney, and you’ll be informed if there is a need for current or future repairs for safety and optimal performance of your system.